Construction Management

Rampart Builders, Ltd

Our goal is to remain intensely attentive of all issues on the project, keep all parties aware of them along the way.  We offer solutions and recommendations that are beneficial to the project and we take pride in predicting possible issues before they become problems and before they actually delay the project.  We understand that pre-project planning and forethought are powerful tools and aid in keeping a project on time and within budget.  For this reason, we believe in performing a detailed construction review prior to commencement of the project to identify potential issues or conflicts.  Rampart Builders will do this for your project, and we will bring true value to your project by:

                   Enabling a true partnership between your design team members

                   Reducing change order requests from the contractor

                   Helping to solve complex issues that arise during the construction process

                   Carefully managing the scheduling, timing and sequencing of the project

                   Tracking correspondence as needed and making sure this correspondence does not hold up any of the construction process

                   Making sure that the owner, contractor and lenders receive exactly what is needed in a timely manner

Rampart Builders, Ltd. can provide most anything you want in terms of construction management.  Whether it is estimating, negotiating, design consultations, or construction oversite, we can deliver the service you need.  We can design a program that works for any owner, contractor or lender.  Rampart Builders has executed construction management for various types of companies and under most phases of the construction process, thus we are confident that we can provide for your needs.

Rampart Builders, Ltd specializes in construction management of multi-family and residential projects.  The programs that we work out with owners, contractors and lenders are designed so as to not break the budget but provide for the requirements of our client. We understand whether you are working on a large multi-family project or building your dream home the budget is the most important thing to you.

Below are some of the many services that we can provide during the construction process including:

                                  Design Management                                       Quality Control Oversite

                                  Estimating                                                          Owner’s Representation

                                  Budget Oversite                                                Close out Management

                                  Scheduling Supervision                                 Maintenance Programs

                                                                        Project Management